Sunday, May 15, 2011

Taste of Italy!

This afternoon, our youth treated us to a taste of Italy.  Everything from the music, to the table decor, to the menu provided just the right ambiance for an Italian experience.  Our students were the picture of Christ with their servants' hearts and exemplary attitudes.  It made for a perfect Sunday afternoon.
Thank you to our youth and everyone involved in the planning, organizing and implementing of this incredible dinner.
Menu and table decor!
Donna, Gayle and Karen enjoying the Caesar salad!

Autumn and Emily - always willing to smile for the camera!

Landon, Luke, Daniel, James & Anthony!  Are you guys ready?  In the next couple of years you'll all be doing the serving!
Welcome back Tony, we've missed you!  Dave, Janice and Marty!
Miss Linda!
Melinda, Lucy and Lisa - amazing kitchen staff!
Lisa Dawn, Hannah, Kelly and Sophie - so busy it was difficult to get them to stand still long enough to take a picture!
This little angel shows up in nearly every blog because, well.....look at her.  Too cute not to feature :)