Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet Retreat!

The 2010 Ladies Retreat was spectacular. Guest speaker Laurie Kuykendall led an inspiring Bible study on our spiritual journey, the baggage we carry with us, and the grace of Christ which allows us to leave it at the cross.

We participated in thought provoking and insightful break out groups and had amazing prayer sessions, all the while making new friends and investing in each other as women of faith.

The retreat was relaxing and rejuvenating not only for the spirit, but for the body as well. Our planning team prepared games, crafts, bonfires and free time, each complete with plenty of snacks and opportunity for fellowship.

Ross Point Retreat Center offered up incredible food and comfortable accommodations, while the planning committee ensured every little detail was accounted for, right down to the gift bags and box of candies left on our pillows.

It was an experience that left us searching our hearts, renewing our commitment to Christ and hoping and praying we get the opportunity to do it all again next year. Sincere and heart felt thanks to Janice, Jaylynn, Cathy, Cheryl, Sandy and Kristol for all your planning and dedication to make our first ladies retreat an enormous success.